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Consumption & Storage Guide

Lacta Goodies Consumption Guide

If u ordered the bite sized cookies, for a start we recommend taking 2pcs per meal so if u take teabreak and supper as well that means 10cookies per day else abt 6pcs per day and see if it works for ur body.

If u ordered the palm sized which is the Lacta UCM, we recommend 2 per day, breakfast and dinner.

If you ordered Lacta Brownies, we recommend 2-3pcs a day, breakfast and dinner.

If you ordered Lacta Muffins, we recommend 1pc a day (along with the other goodies), during breakfast.

If you ordered Lacta Tart Brownies, we recommend 2pcs a day.

Also drink at least 2litres of water you need throughout the day 🙂

Note: If u feel engorged after eating the recommended pieces, reduce your intake. If u have yet to feel any difference try to eat 3pcs of cookies each meal and see how it goes.
Our body may react differently compared to others. May it benefit you! 🤗
Lacta Goodies Storage Guide

Recommended Storage
4-6wks. For longer crisps, store in fridge after opening.

7-9days, if stored outside
1 month, if in the fridge
3 months, if in the freezer
Leave to room temperature before eating.

3 days, if stored outside
7days, if in the fridge
1 month, if in the freezer

Tart Brownies:
1 week in the fridge, up to 4weeks in freezer.

Leave to room temperature before eating. (But I like my brownies cold though😜)

Zara [Lacta by Hardies]