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About US

"Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey and I am determined to do it for our children", says Mama Zara Hardie while she was pregnant with her first baby. Had her firstborn 4 years after marriage with one loss in between, she wanted the best. She went for breastfeeding workshop in 2016, just months shy before giving birth. She believed that knowledge is key for everything, similarly for breastfeeding.

Knowing the benefits of breastfeeding, she started experimenting with baking lactation cookies while she was pregnant and later on, while she was breastfeeding, she realised that they really helped her milk production and started sharing them with other mummies. An exclusively breastfed Mama since 2016 and still continuing this journey with her second born now. You've got this too, Mommies!

LactabyHardies have blossomed from just 2 series of cookies to a high 5 now!
The menu have expanded from Cookies to Brownies, Muffins and a firsts, Tart Brownies.
We have grown in our variety of Goodies and so are we with your babies!
Thank you to our loyal and repeat customers.

"I'll be with you every step of the way. I will help you, motivate you and be your Breastfeeding friend if you need one. I bake, I stay at home, I have the luxury of time to entertain my children, watch them grow and grow with your baby too"
Zara aka MrsHardie